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AV Virgin-Help needed with Phillips PF179946

Discussion in 'LCD & LED LCD TVs' started by Cutler, Apr 5, 2005.

  1. Cutler


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    Please be gentle with me! This is my first post, although I have been a voyeur avidly reading posts on this forum for several months now. I have found it extremely interesting and informative.
    Originally I was checking out for info on a 32 Inch LCD for my living room. I want to replace my old Sony 28 Inch CRT and Sony DAVS800 all in one. I was leaning towards the 9986 and Denon 550 but have now decided to wait for the new 9830.
    Anyway my wife has been going on about a new telly in the bedroom so have persuaded her to go for the 17inch 99446 LCD hoping that it will smooth the path for the 9830 later this year.it is arriving in a couple of days but I'm a complete novice at connections etc and want to ensure I have the best PQ. I need help as at the mo my portable telly is connected into an ordinary coaxial aerial socket. I have Sky+downstairs and somehow this goes into my loft and the signal is split or something so I can watch telly(including) Sky in my bedroom. My new TV will be for watching telly only, No DVD connected etc.
    Am I stuffed for a decent picture, what connection can I , should I use? Can I connect to the scart in the back of my new telly, or do I just buy a better quality coaxial cable?
    Sorry to be so dumb but I would appreciate any helpanyone can offer.Thanks :thumbsup:

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