AV to Speakers wiring help


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Hi All,

I've just purchased an ONKYO 609 to go with my Mordaunt Short speakers and just need some advice with the wiring.

The Speakers have 2 x +/- terminals on each (high x 2 & Low x 2).

This was fine while wired up to my amp as it was split but now that I have wired up the AV reciever to them it seems I'm only having a choice between either Hi or Low and not both.

Does anyone know the best way to solve this?

Can I just pick one of the speaker inputs and daisy chain some cable to the other?

Thanks in advance,



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Just use a bit of speaker cable between the 2 sets of speaker terminals. The speakers should have supplied with a jumper bar connecting the 2 sets of terminals. If this is missing then speaker cable will be fine.
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