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    I'm stuck in an AV time warp circa 1994 and need to upgrade.

    My set up:

    Kenwood 6060 prologic receiver

    Canon S-50 "Darth Vader" with designer floorstanders:
    75 watts, 11 ohms

    Canon v100 rear speakers:
    100 watts, 4 ohms

    Canon Sc10 centre speaker
    75 watts, 8 ohms

    Yamaha YST SW60 active Sub
    50w, 6 ohms

    Sony DVP ns300 dvd player with coaxial out (it's got the DTS badge on the front but I don't think it's got a decoder)

    I've only got about £200 to play with but want to get digital
    sound (plans for a SKY+ box when I can afford it) I'm particulary interested in a quality crisp sound at the lower volume levels rather than Empire leicester square wall shaking output

    My questions:

    1/ is it worth keeping all my speakers and getting a digital receiver?


    2/ should i sell the speakers and get an all in one solution?

    3/ if I flogged my kit what could I realistically expect to get for it?

    Any help on questions 1 2 or 3 much appreciated!

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    Wrexham,North Wales
    Hi there Palostick,

    Personally I'd recommend keeping the speaker system you've got for now, and buying a reciever that will decode DD and DTS.
    Your Sony player will only output DD & DTS thru it's co-axial digital output (no onboard decoder for either format), and PRO-LOGIC thru the phono analog connections.
    Take a look at some online shops for a guide of whats available in your budget (Empiredirect are doing Denon's AVR 1803 for £198 98) and this has decoding for 6.1 surround, so it's pretty future-proofed for when you want to up-grade the speaker setup.
    You could go for the all-in-one system, but (and I'm not knocking them) you'll find that going the seperates route you will get a better performance, and upgrade possibilities.
    With regards to the last question, I honestly don't have a clue.
    What with the prices of digital recievers today it's all a question of what someone will be willing to pay for an "old fasioned" reciever such as your Kenwood (again don't get me wrong it was good in it's day, but time and technology moves on).

    Hope this has been of help to you and best o'luck.

  3. palostick


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    Thanks for that advice, Mechanic.

    The specs and current deal on the denon are awesome for the price -- my only reservation is the gold colour (the black 1803's one almost a ton more) Any other recommendations around the £200?

    Forgot to mention I need a coaxial input

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