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Nov 2, 2005
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I'm looking for suggestions for an AV system which would double up and replace my hi-fi. The problem is, my hi-fi comprises a 40W valve amp (Art Audio Quintet) driving Quad ESL 63's, all fed from a Quad CD66 player. I know it's rather long in the tooth but it still sounds pretty good.

However, the ESL's are just too dominating in my lounge, even though I've lived with them for 20 years!

I don't want to pay silly money as I'm now retired, but a few k's wouldn't be out of the question. I'm completely out of touch with the capabilities of modern electronics, so your thoughts would be appreciated.

you will find it hard to get close to the audio that you have valve amps and the ESL's they are very good
you could try martin logan speakers as they are electrostatic but take a lot less space then the ESL's, as for amps that play music that as well as your valve amp there is very little that will sould like it
get yourself to a good dealer and have a chat or atleast call a few
I think that Mr. Yudkin would be the man in the know for this particular query.

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