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I need some help on how best to connect all my gear. I have a panny d6 plasma, denon 3803 amp, sky (with svideo) panny e100 pj, sony video and Xbox. Currently I use the amp as a video upscaler from mainly svideo to component these then feed to plasma and pj. All other bits run into the amp and thats acts a video switcher. Is there a better way of setting this up? I dont want to run anymore than 2 cables to the plasma as it is mounted on the wall. Really happy with everything, might upgrade the pj to e300 as i have seen this for about £650 online.

I was think of a progressive scan video scaler, but really dont know which one to go for or if it would make much difference. Also where the heck to i connect it!!. Keene have a couple an imagemax plus that does upto 1080i (£335) and another for £119. I really dont know much about this can anyone help??:confused:

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