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I'm finally going to stop using the built in speakers on my TV and experience the sounds that I'm supposed to.

I don't know much about audio kit so please bear with me and apologies in advance for any noob mistakes.

I've got the following kit:

HD TV (with one HDMI input - grr)
PS3 - used to play games/DVDs/Blu-rays and connect to...
...Icybox with Twonky media server

I'm also going to get a DAB receiver and CD player and amp/speakers to suit.

Can someone give me options for connecting all of these together using the same amp/speakers.

Not very helpful but in terms of budget I'm not sure until I present my case to the missus.
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The TV probably has an audio out (a red and a white RCA). Run an interconnect to a spare input on your new amp. In the TV's menu disable the internal speakers. That's it: audio nirvana while watching TV.

The Sky+HD, PS3 and media server also plug into the back of the amp using their native analogue connectors, or if you buy an A/V amp, using their native HDMI / digital coax connectors. In the second case (A/V amp) you can use it as an HDMI switch, thus overcoming the silly restriction from your TV. Run all (HDMI) sources to the A/V amp, and connect the TV to the amp's HDMI output.

Since you're buying new kit, your supplier should offer an in-home setup service.

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