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I am front projecting through a Domino30, and using a Denon 3803 for audio, mainly for my DVD source which is component fed via the amp to the projector.

I want to improve my AV syncronisation (if possible), and have digital video essentials. I have found a test pattern which is described as AV Syncronisation clock, which looks like it should do as it suggests and help me setup up global audio delay via the 3803 more accurately.

Anyone know how to use this test signal properly ?

I've searched the internet, video essentials site, and searched the forums but can't find instructions.


P.S Mods please feel free to move this to the most appropriate forum as I am not 100% where is the best place to post this thread - but put it here as I thought this might be something front projectionists might identify with!:confused:


I'm not familiar with that "test" on VE. I usually just set the delay manually. It's pretty easy to do.

Best scenes I find are doors slamming etc. Just sit back & watch your movies. A little tweak if you notice a sync problem & after a while you'll have it spot on.



On a related subject, I would like to delay the audio to get good sync in my system, though my amp doesn't have that facility. Does anyone know of a configurable S/PDIF delay line for a reasonable price?



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