AV sync problems with Samsung LE32R41B



I just got a Samsung LE32R41B to replace my old 32" WS CRT TV, and am finding the audio-video sync is not good. I have tried two setups so far:

1. Standalone DVD player sending audio via optical output to AV amp, and video via s-video to AV amp. AV amp plays audio and sends s-video to the Samsung TV.

2. PC sending audio via optical output to AV amp, and video via VGA directly to the Samsung TV.

With both of these setups, the sound seems a little out of sync with the video. I never had this problem with my CRT TV, so I can only think that the TV is introducing a delay for setup 1 (which is otherwise an identical setup to what I had with my CRT TV), and that there are perhaps further problems arising from the video not going through the AV amp in setup 2 (which is a setup that is different to what I had with the CRT where the video always went through the AV amp).

I have turned off every possible digital processing option on the TV as far as I can tell.

Though the amp (a Denon AVR 3801) has an audio delay option, it just lets you specify how many feet away the speakers are. Presumably, the delay is made smaller the larger this number is, so this won't let me delay the audio, only advance it, and it may well need the video to be going through the amp as well, which I can't do for my primary intended usage which is the VGA input.

Has anyone else found this to be such a problem? Any good solutions that people have found, e.g. feeding the audio through another box to delay it?

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