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Hello everyone

Am looking for a bit of guidance on a small overhaul to my man cave setup.
Current setup is a Onkyo all in one Amp speak set up HTR -380. It's donkey's years old but still works reasonably well for 5.1. I have connected a set of bookshelf speakers for the two front channels. Acoustic Energy AE100. Also have a Pro-ject turntable for occasional use but currently no amp - my arcam alpha 7 has given up the ghost. I also have 5 Kef Egg Satellite speakers stored away from a previous incarnation. TV is an old Sony 1080p panel. AM using Chromecast Google TV to stream content. I also have a half decent PC that connects to the Amp however the switching is a bit iffy. I use the PC for some guitar recording.

What I'd like to do
Upgrade to a 4k display - I wont be spending tons on this
Upgrade amplification to something that can do 5.1 or 7.1 but ideally be half decent with 2.0 for music including the phono
I am a little limited for space am past the point of tolerating lots of different boxes which I know is a compromise but for streamed music I'm currently using a SOnon Play 1 which is a bit meh.

Any quick thoughts on an Amp?
Budget is about £800-900 to include display and I don't mind 2nd hand

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