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AV Speaker Dilemma/Dipolar Confusion


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Hi all,

I am this >|< close to ordering my AV system :clap: However, I'm quite confused by the Kef Q series speaker selection and hope the regulars in the speaker forum can help.

I plan on buying speakers from the Kef Q range, complimented by a Rel Storm 5 sub and driven by either a combination of Arcam AVR300/DV79/P90 (bi-wired and bi-amp'd) or a Pioneer AX5Ai/868 (the plasma is a Pioneer 505XDE). I'm auditioning the Arcam and Pioneer DVD players side-by-side tomorrow, and am now (thanks to tons of advice here) familiar enough with the pros/cons of HDMI, scaling, i.Link, bi-wiring and bi-amp'ing (I hope) to make that decision fairly easily :)

Ok so here's the question! The room is rectangular, approximately 18 feet by 12 feet. The plasma will be mounted centrally on the long wall, with the seating centered roughly 3 feet from the back long wall.

I heard and liked the Q7's, so the Q9c (as opposed to the Q6C) seems like a good centre choice? The Q7s will be floor-standing, at ear-level.

The side and rear speakers need to be mounted high near the ceiling. I get the impression that Kef's Dipolar Q2ds speakers will be good for the sides (in line with the seating position), but what about the rears? Should these be Dipolar Q2ds speakers too, or would I be better off with Q1, Q8 or Q Compact speakers? Unfortunately there's not enough space for floor-standers at the rear.

Hope you can help, and thanks! :thumbsup:



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Bump :hiya:



I have experienced that in smaller rooms 5.1 is inherently better than 7.1. More speakers makes the dealers richer but does not always translate to better sound. :nono: If you do go 7.1 put the dipoles on the sides and non dipoles in the rear. IMHO I believe that you will like this setup. Don't get caught up in the gear, lsiten to the music. Good luck and Good listening.

Andrew K

My view is (others may differ) that the Q2ds speakers are great for movie sound as you are effectively getting twice as many speakers firing in different directions thereby creating a greater sound envelope. If your preference is for multi channel music than you may consider using a more natural speaker for the rears.

As for positioning I would not place the Q2ds near the ceiling. They should be higher than your ear level when seated but not right at the top. Speakers placed near the ceiling should be angled downwards, something which you cannot do with the Q2ds.

Everything stated above is from my own opinion and you should try to see what suits you.


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Ok - thanks a lot for the advice! Speakers should be arriving in the next few days - the 505/868/AX5Ai are great!

Steve N

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I have a similar set up to yourself and posted a query in the forum as to what would be better as rears bipole/dipole or non difuse speakers. Unfortunately no-one offered any advise so I contacted Kef direct. There tech staff felt that non difuse speakers would be more effective. I also asked about height of the Q2DS at the sides (which I also have).Their set up guide says head height but their web site says 2 mtrs. The (helpful) guy I spoke to says head ht. is best for music but 2 mtrs is best for movies. I had to place mine at head ht. any as 'she who must be obeyed' would not let me move pictures out of the way. They seem to work very well in this position but I would be interested in other readers views.

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