AV 'sign' removal from screen


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Hi All!

Can anyone tell me how to get the little 'sign/logo' that appears on my Panny TX32LXD500 when viewing either vcr or dvd recorder playback? At the moment ('cos that's what I'm using) it shows the AV2, but any of the alternatives still stay there. :mad:

It's like the channel signs that often appear, but much brighter, so it spoils the picture. It didn't used to do this when I first started messing about (i mean setting up!) with the TV or the Panny DMREH60D dvd recorder it's connected to, so it must be something I've done! Originally it used to disappear after a few seconds.

Tried all sorts of key presses/menus to try and get to push off(!) but it seems to like staying there! Help much appreciated - it HAS to go!!! :suicide:



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That sounds like the onscreen channel status display. I have Panasonic CRT and the remote control button that toggles this is a square with a "+" in it - not sure if it will be the same on yours ?


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Hi Phantom Phixer and JohnG!!

Spot on PP!! Many thanks, the 'i' button was the answer. Got a clear screen at last!

Thanks to you too John, my remote doesn't have 'square +' button.

Cheers Jerry

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