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Jul 26, 2007
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Hey there everyone. I'm off to the states in October and was wondering if any of you know of any AV shops in over there? specifically around Manhattan island or within tube ride of there.

I was in NY a few weeks ago but B+H was shut due to holidays. It's easy enough to find. There's plenty of AV/touristy shops around but not convinced by them or the prices. B+H is at least a specialist shop.
When I lived in NYC I used to window shop here the odd weekend:
Stereo Exchange

They have a couple of pairs big 800 series B&W speakers (800D and 803D I think ) on display, powered by mcintosh amps if I recall correctly. They also have some Meridian speakers out on the floor. They are more of a specialist store than the others mentioned so far in this thread - they have quite a small shop floor with demo rooms in the back. It was nice to go and look at stuff out of my price range every now and again.

J&R are great for computers and all other things electronic. They also have a good range of headphones, but I wasn't that impressed by their home audio section - the speakers they had on display weren't that impressive. Decent range of flat panels though.

Best Buy (like the US equivalent of Currys) have a couple of stores in Manhattan. One of the bigger ones I remember was on 23rd and 6th. Just like Currys they are decent for LCD and Plasma screens, but forget about finding any serious audio equipment there.

I never made it to B&H oddly. I always thought of them as a digital cameras/camcorder shop, but I guess they sell other AV/Electronics too.
Harvey Home Entertainment - 2 West 45th Street, NY. Top Class AV store with friendly and knowledgeable staff. I only went in for a ZP80 but after a while chatting was taken into a demo room and well entertained.
Enjoy NY!

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