AV sender to DVD player - no sound?


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I've got an AV sender in the lounge that has two SCART terminals, one is attached to Sky+ and successfully sends sound and pictures to my TV in the study. I was intending to attach the 2nd SCART lead to my DVD player to watch films but I have connectivity issues.

The DVD player has component, S-Video and DVI out. How do I connect the SCART lead on the AV sender to the DVD player to get pictures and sound in the study? I intended to use a SCART coupler which cost about £10 to connect the AV sender lead to a S-Video/SCART lead but that doesn't give me any sound.

Any suggestions?


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you should be able to get a scart connector/adapter that has s-video and composite (yellow) plus a stereo left and right phonos(white and red). I am assuming the DVD has audio out. Obviously this wont be dobly or dts just analogue.

Something like this. They can be picked up much cheaper than this though.

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