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av sales mediabox deal

Discussion in 'Plasma TVs' started by pioneerman, Mar 18, 2005.

  1. pioneerman

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    Mar 25, 2004
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    i have the mediabox with my av sales package,and i am using a thx monster component cable and the picture is excellent through my dvd player.my player is ntsc progressive only so pal component not so good.now heres the funny thing, i have a reg2 panasonic e50 recorder and i put in a pal reg2 with rgb scart and picture was great better than pal non progressive on my pioneer,as far as sky well its very good but i know i could do better all round when i get round to it.so my first impressions on my first plasma-chuffed even the wife is,who took a lot of convincing we needed a plasma.i have taken on board what horny dragon and maw and piers and everyone else that has posted on the pw7 and this helped with my decision on the panasonic many thanks. oh, if anyone knows of anyone looking to buy a toshiba 36 strata mine is in excellent condition with transferable warranty. :thumbsup:

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