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Discussion in 'Home Cinema Building DIY' started by frensham, Oct 13, 2005.

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    Oct 3, 2005
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    Billericay, Essex
    I'm completing the creation of one 21ftx13ft room. The plasma will need to sit in the middle of the rear 21ft wall. Both sides have windows opening into the garden.
    Ceiling height is 2.1m. Ceiling is going to have Mains Halogen 50w spots in a combinatino using 3 gang dimmers, so I will be able to turn off/down different combinations of lights.

    The plasma i have is a Panasonic TH42PW5. I need to know if there are pros and cons on havign it "sunk" in the wall. (ie heat/limitations etc).

    Also, what bracket should I get and can anyone advise a reasonable place to buy one in Essex or internet (reliably).

    Finally, I need to know how high up should I mount the screen off the floor. The sofas in the room are positioned on opposite 21ft wall; when sitting, ones body will be 10-11ft away from the front of the plasma. Is this too close.? (Doesn't look/feel so?).

    Any comments from u gurus would be a great help.
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    I'm no guru, but i have been to countless hi-fi /cinema shows in the past
    and sounds like you have room to try out diferrent arrangements - the distance of where you like the equipment is personal choice - but if you centralise the TV / speakers [ front + rear ] sub around your seating area then it should be fine

    placement hight of the screen depends on the height of your sofa
    - usually just a little above comfortable eye level, not so critical if
    you are far from the screen.

    my sofa is about 15 feet away from my set and i find the further away you are, the sound seems to be better, but you need to adjust your sofa distance from your TV screen until you feel comfortable that the picture is not too small that you dont get the full drama of the action.

    my centre spkr is just below my TV set - front set of spkrs are 6-7 feet either side of the TV - the main thing is perhaps not to place spkrs at the edge/corner of the room.

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