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Hi Everyone

I have a sony AV receiver which is fine and also an Arcam CD and Amp for music, both set ups are driving separate sets of speakers.

What I really want is to have surround sound for the TV but take advantage of the superior amp and speakers I use for music when playing CD's or listening to music on DVD etc.

I looked into this a while ago and was advised by Richer Sounds that no new AV receivers had pre-outs, so I was planning on on using a huge (350 volt) 2 pole - 2 gang high voltage switch so I could at least switch my main HI floor standers between both amps so I could at least us that.

But does anyone know a better way, if I could get a AV receiver with L and R channel pre-outs, I could put that into the Arcam and get use the better quality amp and speakers that way ( and get rid of the lower spec TV L & R speakers ) - but then I would have 2 volume controls for the different amps to balance?

Any other ideas - the sound from Sony is OK for watching TV, but doesn’t compare with the HiFI for CD’s?




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There are plenty of AV receivers that still include pre outs, but only the more expensive models. Entry level receivers don't include them, but higher tier models do.

I'd suggest not using an integrated as a power amp connected to the pre outs of an AV receiver. What I'd suggest you do is use an amp switch to share you front stereo speakers between your dedicated stereo amp and the AV receiver. Something such as the Niles DPS1 should suffice.
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Yeah - thanks, that's what I was thinking about with 2 pole 2 gang switch - same idea I think, so thanks for the suggestion, good to know its not a crazy idea and it mean I don't have to upgrade my AV receiver too - more money to spend on speakers !!



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