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Hi Everybody,

Brand new to the forum and feel a bit intimidated as the posts read so far indicate that I may be the only non tech on it.

I have just updated to a Panasonic 3D Plasma and linked it with a Panasonic 3D Blu Ray player. I have a 5-1 Speaker home theatre that was powered by my now redundant Hitachi DVD Player with built in amplifier. Speakers are fitted into walls so do not want to replace them so I need an amp / receiver to feed them.

I would like to use panasonic so that I am sure they will all be compatible but they only seem to sell full home theatre systems.

Suggestions that do not require second mortages would be appreciated:
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First you need to check the impedance of your current speakers. Most all in one systems use low impdance speakers and anything under 4 ohms should not be used with an AV reciever (usually all in one systems are 3 ohms). This is because the lower impedance will put a higher load on the reciever and can damage it. Also is your sub active or passive. If it does not have an onboard amp then it is passive and can not be used with an AV reciever either (all AV recievers need active subs).
Also what is your budget? Without this it is hard to recommend anything.


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Good Morning PSM1,

Thanks for quick and helpful response. Have checked manual and speakers are all rated at 25W and 4 ohms
Sub is active and 75W 4 ohms and system is described as Bass reflex.( Don't understand the tech bits but it worked well enough for our needs with the Hitachi DVD)
Compatability with existing speakers / TV / Blu ray is my main criteria hence hoping to get a Panasonic unit so they all talk to each other.


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There are no Panasonic AV recievers and even when they did make them they were not very good so really should be avoided.
Are you sure the sub is active if there is an ohm rating on it?
4ohms is really too low especially if you are looking at budget recievers and I would not personally use them with an AV reciever (there is a risk of damage to the reciever).
If you want ease of use I would recommend getting a Logitech Harmony remote. These are easy to set up and even easier to use with one button switch on of all equipment or switching between sources. Once set up it is no harder to work than the TV remote. It also offers better functionality than any HDMI control (viera link is what Panasonic call it I think). They are so easy to sue even my technophobic mum and 4 year old son can use mine.


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Spec sheet definiteley states Active Subwoofer 75W (4 ohms @ 80Hz,THD 10%)

Is it just the sub low impedance that is the problem as my unit sits in corner
behind TV so can easily be swapped for new one.The speakers are the main
problem to replace without redecorating

I have been looking at the Yamaha RXV467 AV Unit in absence of finding a panny
mainly because it has several HDMI sockets and is budget range and '3D Ready'


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It is more the 4 ohm rating on the other speakers I am concerned with. I assume the sub has a phono type connection on it and a power lead as well. Does it also have a gain and crossoevr dial on it?
If you do run your current speakers I would take care with the volume and check the running temp of the amp. The 4 ohms of the speakers is going to put a higher load on the reciever. Personally I would replace all the speakers with a proper set of AV speakers. These will not only sound better but will also not risk damage to your nice new reciever.
The Yamaha 467 is a good budget reciever. You could also look at the Denon 1610, Sony 810 or Onkyo 508. All these are around the same price and quality. As for speakers I would look at the Jamo A102 for Denon/Yamaha or Tannoy SFX for Onkyo/Sony. Or for a little more you could get the Boston Accoustic soundware XS (for any of the recievers mentioned).

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