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I have an old Sony amp for my home cinema, but have been 'tuned in' to the idea of connecting multiple video sources through an AV amp.

Firstly, what kinds of models at the modest end of the AV amp market would allow me to channel video sources through them, and secondly, with 5 devices using SCARTS will I find such a device ?

What spec do I want to be looking for ?


Just about all AV receivers will have video inputs for switching of sources. However just about none of them have scart connections, just composite & S-Video. YUV component is also on most, but this is not normally a video signal carried within scart.
If you have digital TV such as cable, Sky, Freeview then the best output from the STB will be RGBcvS which AFAIK only the Arcam receivers can be set to work with, and these are not at the lower end of pricerange. All receivers will however have composite, but this is the lowest possible quaity and should whenever possible be avoided. The other option they offer is S-Video but most STB's don't output this video signal. The expensive, but best option is to buy converters that will accept a scart RGBcvS signal and convert it to YUV component that can then be put through the receiver.

IMO you are better off connecting all video sources directly to the TV unless you are short of inputs. If you want an easy to use system then get a programable remote suchj as a Pronto and set it to change TV input & receiver input, turn on DVD player etc all at the push of one button.


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