AV receivers. Going up a level.


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Hi everyone. For the last three years I've relied on my humble rx-467 from yamaha with a set of in walls and in ceilings. I've just bought a popcorn hour A-410 and it's given me the bug again.

I love the yamaha but I do think it's a little bottom heavy and I don't enjoy music on it at all. I was considering maybe the Sony 1040 or a Denon x2000, but are these a step up as such or simply a diagonal sideways?

Budget for this I haven't really set, although I'm sure I can twist the wife's arm to £300 meaning used is my only option.


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Hey, thanks for the heads up...just about to have a gander.

I really just need great audio. Everything seems tailored to networking these days but I don't need DNLA as I will use my PCH (which I'm hoping deals with audio better than my boxee box!). I guess Airplay is a decent extra but I'm assuming it only does Airplay audio not video die to Apple wanting folk to buy their locking in hockey puck.

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I can definitely recommend the 351R anyway. Best sounding receiver I've owned and a doddle to use.

It's built with high quality components and should wipe the floor for sound quality with the models you've mentioned.

The price is nuts really lol.


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Definitely good value. I find myself drawn to the Sony, which is weird as barring playstation I don't usually touch their stuff. This has given me food for though though. My only concern would be the amount of inputs.

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