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AV-receivers DVD scaling vs Blu-Ray players DVD scaling?


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I'm a newcomer to this home theater hobby and I have a beginners question which I failed to google out.

Does AV-receivers scaling capabilities matter at all if I have a Blu-Ray player with a better scaler?

A bit backround:
I have just ordered a Pioneer BDP-320 with good to excellent DVD scaling, which is very important to me as I'm still going to watch a lot of DVD's.

Now it's time to improve TV's pathetic sound, but I don't know which AV-receiver to buy since I'm confused about their video scaling operation.

I'm thinking mostly of getting either Pioneer models VSX-919AH-K or VSX-1019AH-K. Denon AVR-1910 is also in a serious consideration. The latter has supposedly a superior dvd scaler, but I don't know if that counts at all if I'm using Pioneer BDP-320's own scaler.

(If this clarifies the question, I'm going to use only HDMI-cables between TV, Blu-Ray player and AV-receiver.)


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All AV recievers in your price bracket will not upscale HDMI inputs (only analogue sources). Also your TV may well upscale as well as the bluray player or reciever anyway. Try turning the upscaler on and off on the bluray to see if it makes a difference.
With recievers I buy one on the sound it produces and not these ancillary features. Hence demo them and pick the one that sounds the best.
If you really want to improve the picture you need to buy a proper video processor like the DVDO Edge or Lumagen. These will give an improvement in picture quality.


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All AV recievers in your price bracket will not upscale HDMI inputs (only analogue sources).

Thanks for the quick answer!

So if the mid-range AV-R's video scaling don't make a difference with HDMI, is Denon AVR-1910 still a better choice over the Pioneer models I mentioned?

I was thinking Pioneer may be a better choice because BDP-320 supports PQLS which is also supported by VSX-919AH and VSX-1019AH (PQLS should make a better CD listening experience). Also perhaps Pioneer has a better user interface for a beginner?

edit: Unfortunately I have no possibilities to "demo" any AV-receivers, so I have to rely on net info...
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