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Dear all I shall be very great full if any one help me setting input in my Yamaha RXA 850 AV receiver I have connected HDMI output from setup box to HDMI input 1 in AV receiver when I on the receiver it will automatically goes to AV 4 (default ) and there is no sound comes Thru speakers and I have to press HDMI 1 in AV receiver then the sound comes thru the speakers.ARC is on in the setting so how to combine hdmi 1 with tv sound automatically in input setting ,due to this Iam experiencing internal crash sometimes and AV receiver display is not showing thou Iam resetting it. Thanks in advance.


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What TV do you have?


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Turn off HDMI Control onboard the AV receiver. THis will prevent to detection of your TV via HDMI switching the receiver to the default ARC source. If you rely upon HDMI Control then try turning HDMI ATC off from within the AV receiver's HDMI settings instead of HDMI Control. Note thant HDMI CEC is required for ARC.

If wanting to use ARC then you'd have to tolerate the receiver auto switching to the associated ARC source when powering the unit up. There are ways around this if using a Harmony remote, but this would require such a remote and a modification to the activities that include the AV receiver that add additional elements to the startup commands.

Denon and Marantz AV receivers do include the option to circumvent the HDMI switching, but this ability is specific to D&M receivers.

It is not a fault with either your TV or the receiver and is a flaw associated with HDMI CEC and ARC.
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