AV receiver which also has a ipod / iphone dock?


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Hi Guys,

I have been looking for a receiver which would power 3x B&W FPM6's (front) and 2x B&W FPM4's (rears) with a BK XXLS400 sub. The receiver should be 3D compatible, and would be great if it would have an Ipod/Iphone dock, which would also charge the ipod. The price tag should be something around 1000£, I had a look at the pioneer LX83, but it only has a cable for the ipod, and that doesent look so good :rolleyes: Thanks for the advice :thumbsup:


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Just get yourself a ipod dock from someone like Onkyo or Cambridge audio. These will plug into a set of phono inputs on any AV reciever and will charge the ipod and give you full sound etc. Much cheaper way of doing it.


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I don't know of any that have a dock built-in. AV Receivers are big bulky boxes that can get hot. Some of the budget receivers come with docks as part of the package but if you're spending more on separates, this is why docks etc. are optional so you can choose the one you want.

The Pioneer uses a digital connection between ipod and receiver so if you want something that will match the audio performance you would need a digital dock e.g. Onkyo ND-S1 or Wadia 170i. Alternatively you could stream from your PC w/ itunes to an airplay compatible receiver. Airplay is a relatively new feature which is often optional but is inevitably finding its way into more and more equipment. Obviously you could also stream to a standard networking receiver or external device e.g. Airport express, sonos or squeezebox.

I've always thought of ipods as portable devices and as such I only use mine to listen w/ headphones or connected to my car headunit.

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