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Hi all,

With only a Digitheatre DTS unit (which ultimately died on me), and following that (and due to budget constraints) one of those £99 Currys jobbies, I'm still an AV Receiver virgin, but I'm looking to pop that cherry. :D

I've decided to pick up the Tannoy FX5.1 speaker package, mainly due to the rave reviews and life-style size of the thing, but, I'm still undecided on an AV Receiver at the £300 mark.

I've looked at the Marantz's, but have been concerned about all these sound-dropouts I keep hearing about, the Yamaha is certainly a viable route, but due to my noobness, I haven't a clue what is the best course of action.



steve 111

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For £300 i'd look at the Yamaha DSP-AX640 which was available for £280 from Richer Sounds. If you need a AM/FM radio incorporated in the unit you would need to go for the RXV640 which retails at c.£320.


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Thanks mate, I like the look of that one.

Superfi are doing it cheaper than RS, so might go for it, just trying to figure out what cables I need now.



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I'm currently trying to put together a 'package' for home cinema and someone had recommended the Tannoy FX5.1 speakers and the Marantz DVD (DV4300 - I think), but mentioned that the marantz amplifier wasn't too hot - so this is very interesting to read.

Bearing in mind the Tannoy FX5.1 speakers and the Marantz DVD DV4300 - is there a better suited amp for the two or is the Yamaha going to be okay. Budget of £300 for the amp.


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Another amp to think about is the Pioneer VSX-D812 which can be picked up for about £300-?£330. Has good reviews and uses the same chipset that the striking AX5i uses..

The marantz seems to have a lot of people saying they have problems with them ans some who just love em. I would recommend a listen before buying as the SR5400 has had some superb reviews .

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