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Currently i have an Onkyo TX-SR307 amp with a set of Tannoy SFX 5.1 speakers attached to it. Inputs are Sky+HD, Xbox 360 and a Sumvision Cyclone Micro 2+

I know this amp is a budget amp and i didn't pay a lot for it when i bought it originally but this setup has been fine for the last couple of years. However i am currently maxed out on inputs and I am wanting to add a bluray player my setup so i think i need to upgrade my amp.

Initially i was looking at the budget range again and the Onkyo TX-SR309 and Denon AVR-1312 both come up but these only have 3 HDMI so they would not be suitable also it seems these are both quite dated amps too.

I then looked the current crop of amps which i think are out my budget but the Onkyo TX-SR313 and Denon AVR-1513. The Denon doesnt have 4 rear HDMI ports so it would need to be the next model up which pushes the price up even more. And the Onkyo entry level do not come with Audyssey room collaboration which my current Onkyo has.

So i have since been looking at last years crop and found the Denon AVR-1612 and the Onkyo TX-SR508 which seem to be similarly spec'd and come with all the features i need and want but i am struggling to find any retailers apart from eBay...

So questions that i need help with:

1. Are these amps any good, would they actually be a worth while upgrade for me or should i just save up and get a more up to date amp? It seems all the entry level amps are really basic in comparison to my old entry level amp.

2. Can anyone suggest any other amps to look at? I see Yamaha and Sony amps on richersounds but dont know if they would be any good.

3. How do Denon stack up against other makes? i have only ever used Onkyo

4. Regarding amps without Audyssey how easy are they to setup for optimum sound?

Ideally dont want to be spending more than £200 if i can which limits me massively i know.

Please help if you can :)


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Ill try and help mate as no one else seems to know, how about a hdmi splitter going into one of the ports? Just a thought?


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Ill try and help mate as no one else seems to know, how about a hdmi splitter going into one of the ports? Just a thought?

Ah its ok, hdmi splitter wouldnt work because my current amp doesnt support pass through audio i would need an optical splitter too which just becomes messy :(


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The Sony 820 would be worth a look although may be sightly over budget. The 508 is actually 2 years old now as last years model was the 509. The 1612 would also be a good option but as all these receivers are now discontinued they are getting harder to find. Have you looked at the classifieds on here?

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