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Hey All,

If an AV receiver has a HDMI output and component and optical inputs can you connect your sources using the component and optical in but just hook up the screen using the HDMI out connection ?

I'm thinking of buying the Harmon Kardon Avr 245 receiver for which the spec states HDMI switching. Not sure if this is what I am after?

I'll try and explain a bit better:

Basically I already have a Harmon Kardon DVD 22 which does not have a HDMI connection but does have a component connection for video and a digital coax and toslink connection for sound.

I have also bought a Thompson SKY HD digibox which has the same connections as the DVD player (I'm not subscribing to HD just yet therefore will be using the component connection).

I want to connect these sources to the AVR245 and then connect the
AVR245 to my Bravia LCD using a HDMI cable.

I'm about to run some trunking from my AV stand to the LCD and dont know whether I should run the power for the LCD plus a single HDMI cable or both HDMI cable and a component cable too.



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HDMI switching just means you can plug in multiple HDMI sources and switch between them (usually only between 2 inputs unless you spend lots on an amp).

You need a receiver that does what will be described in the specs as 'upconversion' to HDMI. These start at about £400 for the Onkyo 674.

I don't know the specs of the HK amp you're looking at, but this page has a bunch of examples - all the ones that have 'with HDMI upconversion!' written next to them in red.

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