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Right then.

I'm looking to spend ~£300 on an AV receiver. It's to replace an aging Sony STRDE400, and is going to be attached to a 5.1 speaker set (There's no need for any more, as the two devices it's for (PS3 and 360) rarely have games that use anything more than 5.1 effectively).

The reason for replacement/upgrade is the STRDE is occasionally missing things, during some cut-scenes for example, it completely drops the audio feed (TOS-link from both consoles) and reconnects about five seconds later. Just some useless background info for you all.

I'm looking for a similar spec unit, with possibly an additional TOS-link in, although there's no real need for the video receiver, as the two consoles are HDMI, and I'll be damned if I'm spending extra for an HDMI switch when I'm using a TOS-link for the audio anyway.

It'd be nice to have a left/right mono input for something like an iPod or whatever the heck you kids are using these days, and possibly another console.

I've been digging about in Richer Sounds (I bought my current kit from them) and basically been completely lost in terms of what I should be looking at, as my knowledge is limited with this kind of thing.

Any advice on what I should be looking at in that price range (There's no real fuss if it goes over 300 unless it's another 150-200)?

Many thanks in advance.


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Any advice on what I should be looking at in that price range (There's no real fuss if it goes over 300 unless it's another 150-200)?

The Onkyo 505 would be OK if you can live without HD sounds from your PS3


Denon 1708 - again no HD Sound, but should sound good


Or the Sony 910 does accept LPCM over HDMI so you can have HD soundsn @ around £270 should cover your needs, more info here:



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I have just purchased the Jamo A102 HCS5 package to go with my Oppo 981HD and my Tosh HD TV, but am also stuck on the AV receiver.

What would you lose by going for the Onkyo505 as opposed to the 605. I don't really understand what is meant by HD sound as I though HD was what you viewed and not what you heard.

Can anybody explain this.

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