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Hello everybody,

This is my first post as I'm new to you forum community.

It's decision time for me as I'm in the process of restructuring my AV setup in my living room. Right now I have Kef Reference front speakers (201s and 202 center) and a pair of Kef KHT 9000 ACE for surrounds (as they have the same woofers of the reference series)

I use a Thule Audio IA350 integrated to power my speakers. For those not familiar with this amp, it's a good, neutral, high-end stereo-oriented amp that can output 350W in stereo mode and 150W in 5 channel mode.

My problem or (opportunity!) is that I've moved my stereo setup to another room so I have now 2 systems. In my living room I do casual listening and movie watching. I'm at a point, where I value convenience and features over pure stereo sound quality. Although I'm quite happy with the sound of my system, I under-use it because it's quite limited as an AV receiver (no hdmi, no digital inputs, no radio, no decoding, no DSP modes, etc).

Therefore I've chosen to go the receiver route. These are my contenders:

1) Yamaha RX-2700: perfect feature set, decent stereo sound but my dealer tells me that it will probably be a bad match with my speakers as it's on the bright side and tmy kefs, having the super tweeter, need a warmer amp.

2) Marantz 8100: My dealers recommendation for sound quality, although the feature set is much more limited.

3) Denon 4306/7: I understand it's a middle of the road approach between the Yamaha and the Marantz

Any recommendations or anybody who has experience with the Kefs reference and an AV receiver?

Sorry for the long post. In short, what I want is all the new goodies with a respectable stereo sound that can do justice to my speakear package, so I can finally get convenience and forget for a while with the upgrade bug and enjoy the music and movies period! :)

By the way, I know there is no substitute for a test but dealers in Spain are no as accommodating as one would like and supply is short.

Many thanks to anybody willing to help me a bit.


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I've read your post a couple of times but not I'm still not quite clear. Are you using the Thule in one room merely as a stereo amp and you're looking for a receiver for the other? That's perhaps a waste of 3 channels of power!

Why not use the Thule as a power amp in your cinema set up, connected to a lower cost receiver and using the pre-outs? Something like the new Sony 3200ES or above would do the trick. Or alternatively, you may find the power amp section of the receiver good enough anyway. My own personal view after dabbling with highish end kit for 20 years is that pocket oney kit gives it a run for its money these days.

You could then just get a decent stereo amp for your stereo set up.


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Many thanks for your post....and effort reading my message!

To clarify things, in my new stereo room I have a totally diferent system. The Thule is is either going (selling) if I buy a receiver....or as you suggest I could combine it with the receiver.

Nevertheless, the whole point is to simplify and make things confortable and easy on my living room. So...I don't know if by combining them i could be adding complexity to the system. On the other hand, my Thule is an integrated and it has a volume that I cannot defeat. The question therefore is can receivers nowadays send a full fix signal to my integrated?

It funny that you mention that receivers are giving a good run for the money to high-end kits these days. This was my suspition and why I was thinking about putting a "mid-fi" receiver on my system.

Many thanks:thumbsup:

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