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Hi Guys

Does anyone have a deffinitive check list of what to look out for when purchasing a new AV Receiver.

i.e. Whats good and whats bad.




What I look for is:

PLII for TV/ Freeveiw

'real world' power output as watching the Matrix loud can really stump a poor reciever.

Pre-outs to add your own power amplification

decent remote (this rarely happens)

Lots of people look out for decent bass managment.

Good 'steering' of surround effects


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Sorry, I am new at this so, how would you define bass management.

steve 111

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Use your ears as well. What sounds good is a very individual thing, so get your local store to run a set up with a no. of differebt amps and then go with what you think sounds best.


go into a shop with a rough idea of what you can spend and ask them to play a couple of systems in your price range, that'll give you a start.


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Thanks for your advice.

At the moment I am thinking of getting the Sony amp thats on offer at Richer Sounds for £99.

Do you know if this is good enough?


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The 495??? have a search on the web for a review and see. How much can you stretch to as ther are much newer and most likely better under £220 eg the sonly 790. All the mags love it.
Yamaha 540 @£208 from RS.
Marantz 5400.
Use www.pricerunner.co.uk to look arround for the best prices.
Overall use your ears as reviews wont tell you if you like the way the amp sounds.

Hope this helps. :smashin:

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