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Any recommendations for A/V Receivers that I can use with a two channel system that would be worth the trouble?

I’ll be using it to power a center channel (if that) - and maybe a sub. The idea is to do pre-out from this AV receiver into the A/V Bypass of the two channel system.

FWIW, the rest of the system is a Naim NDX2, Naim Supernait 3 integrated amp and Totem Signature One speakers - but could upgrade to Totem Forest Signature speakers in the future.

I guess a HDMI switcher would do too - but might as well get good center channel - and want to reuse my two channel system.

High enough quality that it is worth the trouble -
  • as compared to say Optical out from TV (which has lip-sync issues that I can’t get around).
  • high enough quality that it is overall better than airplay into the NDX2 from an apple tv (which only uses airplay as temporary speaker) - although I get it that the dac in the 2 channel system might be hard to beat (it's an overpriced 5K Dac)
  • and doesn’t cause strange ground loop issues that are hard to debug.
I could also do a processor/preamp - and then later add another Naim amp to the mix to biamp a set of center speakers - but that might be even more overkill... - but could consider that if it makes sense.

I guess what I'm looking for is a HT receiver that does has a high quality Processor/Dac even with fewer channels supported or a weak amp - since I'm only planning on using it with the center channel.

Alternatively, if there is a fancy sound bar that takes multiple HDMI inputs - I'd be fine with that as one - would love it if I could still somehow use the 2 channel system that I have at the same time. FWIW - the $400 sonos sound bar sounds fine too - it's just that I'd also like to use the 10K 2 channel system at the same time if possible.
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The performance gains would probably be better from adding a DAC. Naim make an OK one. I am personally a very big fan of the Chord DACs.

Your best bet is to buy a high quality, "old" amp but, being realistic, there is nothing in the AV world that will provide equivalent quality amplification as your Naim SN!

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@shug4476 - Can I use a 2 channel Dac with a receiver? The NDX2 that I have is already a dac, and I also have a chord qutest dac - but these have lip-sync issues when hooked to the optical out on the TV.


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You can but once you put the receiver into the signal chain, you will be forced to use its pre-amp for all channels and you will lose a lot of signal quality at this stage.

What is the problem you are trying to solve? Do you specifically want to add a centre channel, or are you looking for a way of resolving the lip sync issue through the optical port?

I personally would be very reluctant to put any AV kit into your signal chain as you have some outstanding equipment and there are very few (if any) pieces of AV kit to match it for quality.

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Thank you!

Really - if I could solve the lip-sync issue and use the TV's optical out, I would be happy. To bad the sony that I have doesn't allow this.

Alternatively, I could just use the AppleTV - use it's Airplay2 into the NDX2 that I have and things would be fine - I just wouldn't have anyway to use a BluRay player and/or FireTv etc.

My current setup:
# Sonos SoundBar hooked to the TV (ARC) - and I'm happy enough with that, TBH.
# For when I'm using the AppleTV 4K, I can use the NDX2/SN3 system.

Sounds like I'm better off just getting a better soundbar and calling it a day (if I cared enough).

Looking at processors, a decent one is around 5K - and I honestly don't care enough about HT to spend that much - specially just for a center channel - which is the most extra I'm going to do.


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All you have to do is buy any AVR with pre outs or a AV pre with power amplifiers number of your requirement


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That is tricky. Is lip sync error a known problem with your TV? Have you tried setting all sources and the TV output to LPCM?

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