AV Receiver Prices - have they gone up??


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Hi all,

I need to buy a new AV Receiver. I last bought one in about 2015 - 16, it was (I think) a Denon 2400 and I paid about £375. The 2300 (the prevoius year's model) fell as low as about £190 when they were selling it off. This year, the 2700 (seems to be the current equivalent to my older model) seems to be £650 - 700. What? Have prices really gone up that much due to Brexit or Covid or inflation generally? Or am I missing something? Has it just been released and prices expected to fall? I'm not paying £650...! Thanks!!


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Prices are about the same, but are not being discounted like they were when you last made a purchase. New models are retaining their prices and even used models have seen their price increase. This is as a result of demand caused by there being a shortage of receivers and this has in turn been caused by both the pandemic as well as an abject shortage of processors. Almost all devices requiring ptocessors have been hit by this. Processor shortages are due to not only the pandemic, but also a drought in Taiwan and a major fire at a chip plant in Japan. The drought is important because chip manufactures requires large volumes of water and many of them are based or have plants in Taiwan.

You simply bought your last AV receiver at a time when it was being discounted by a retailer. THe recommend retail prices are much the same as they were then as they are now.

The AVRX2300 was never being sold for £190 by any retailer I know of. Its prices never dropped below £300 as far as most outlets were concerned.

Prices only drop and retailers only discount products if they've an excess of them and if wanting to clear shelf space. DEmand is at this point in time exceeding supply, hence why the devices are maintaining the prices and why they are not being discounted.
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No new replacement models announced yet so no run-off pricing discounts on the current models. When I buy I usually aim to bag 40% off the RRP of an outgoing model if I can. Not sure what we’re going to get this year due to Covid maybe messing with replacement cycles.


Demand is outstripping the supply of new units. Two causes mainly, the obvious pandemic issues as well as a fire in Japan that completely destroyed the factory of a major microchip manufacturer leading to a shortage. Prices of new units are staying stubbornly high and the secondary market is having a boom.


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Eek, maybe I shouldn't have sold off my old backup Onkyo so quickly...! Looks like I'll have to revert to 2 channel audio for a while untli I can source a better approach! Thanks all!!


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and the secondary market is having a boom.
This is the bit I was most surprised by, I bought my Marantz 7010 second hand from here in Apr 2018 for £20 less than one sold for on here recently.

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