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Hi All,

I have recently purchased a new home which is fitted with Bose 251 outdoor speakers in the alfresco area and I have also mounted a TV.

Ideally I would like to use the speakers not only for playing/streaming music but also for TV sound.

Being a newbie in this area, I am not sure what would be best to achieve my needs, an integrated amp or an AV receiver.

Based on what I want to achieve, I would love to hear your recommendations on suitable devices.

Thanks in advance!


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If its just 2 speakers you're connecting a stereo integrated amp with DAC - so you can connect it to the TV (via optical) would work.

There are also stereo amps that have HDMI (Bluesound Power Node). This means you can connect the to the TV via HDMI.

What other music sources will you be connecting to the amp? The Powernode also has a very good streamer built in, so you can use services like Tidal, Spotify etc to stream music.

What sort of budget did you have in mind?


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What other music sources will you be connecting to the amp?

What sort of budget did you have in mind?
It is only 2 speakers that I will be connecting. Music will only be played through Spotify/Apple Music.

Currently we just use Bluetooth through a little Wonderboom but we want to make use of the speakers.

Budget is around the $1k mark


I wouldn't throw a lot of money at outdoor speakers, they and the environment, are never going to give a serious listening session. Denon PMA600NE territory in the UK, don't know how that would cost in Oz.


Would this be suitable for TV sound as well? Was hoping to use HDMI for the TV connection
If you are going to run just stereo then it's pointless running HDMI to a stereo source, unless that is you decide on an AV amp. The Denon has two digital optical inputs and that would make the best connection for the TV. There will be no gains at all in running HDMI in this instance.

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