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I found the idea of something like the Samsung One Connect box very appealing. Getting every input
(bluray/htpc etc) for the tv tucked away in a corner sounded good so I looked into getting one. As I found that only a select few Samsung tvs came with the One Connect I decided maybe an AV receiver was the way forward. My first question is am I right in thinking an av receiver will achieve the same goal allowing me to put all the inputs to the tv away to one side next to the receiver? I presume I’ll only need an hdmi cable to run from the receiver to the tv.

Thinking of AV receivers led to me thinking about a new audio system for the house. I’ll probably get 5.1 surround speakers for the lounge but I’ll probably add a couple of smart speakers in other downstairs rooms. I’d like a multi room setup with different zones set up so I can have the same music playing in the lounge and the kitchen or different music in each room if I choose. Eventually when my children get older I’ll probably add a smart speaker into each of their rooms so they can access the same music library as downstairs.

I have the following sources of music
  • Music stored on my htpc in the lounge which I tend to access via playlists.
  • Music stored locally on our phones
  • Music streamed to our phones from Amazon music or youtube.
I’d like to be able to feed those sources to the multiroom audio system so it can be played in individual rooms or zones. I’d also like to be able to control it via our phones. E.g. pick up my phone load an app and choose “play playlist stored on the htpc in downstairs zone” or play something on my phone via Bluetooth to the downstairs zone.

If for example I went for the Denon AVR-X2700H to power the 5.1 surround speakers in the lounge would that recognise all the sources of music above? It seems to be HEOS compatible so could form a multiroom set up. Would I then be restricted to only Denon speakers for the other rooms?

How good is the HEOS multiroom in practice? Does it work as well as Sonos? If not would I better off using Sonos and plugging it into the receiver? Or would that be excessive?

Sorry for the long post and loads of questions – I’m a bit confused about it all

One last question - can I plug a Chromecast into one of the HDMI inputs of the AV receiver to stream iPlayer etc to the tv?


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AV Hub - traditionally the AVR has been the better option as you could choose a unit which supported the best available audio and video from your Source devices via HDMI to the AVR and then pass the video to your TV.

Up until the recent intrdocuion of TV's and AVR's which support eARC if you used the TV as the Hub there were always limitations in terms fo what audio you could pass from the TV to your AVR - eARC now allow you to use the AVR or TV as the Hub and have full audio and video no matter which option you choose.

As many folk move to using TV Smart Apps from streaming then ARC and eARC, over an HDMI cable, has become the best option between the TV and the AVR.

HEOS (Denon and Marantz), MusicCast (Yamaha) are both 'integrated' multi zone solutions which now have pretty mature control software - though you still have to check the options on each piece of kit you are planning to use.

SONOS is a great option for multi-room audio and can be integrated with pretty much any AVR and in some respects is still the most user friendly control option.

Having had SONOS from many years I am currently trying out MusicCast in a couple of rooms and it is a very cable option.

Chromecast you can plug in to your system - personally I use and prefer ATV.

Kids - no chance will they ever listen to your music :)



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Hi Joe - thanks for the info. I have a couple more quesitons if that's ok

Just to clarify if I went for a Denon AVR would it be able to play music from files and playlists stored on a htpc on the same network? From an app on my phone?

If I decided that I wanted a Sonos multiroom system and surround sound in the lounge and a box to plug all the tv inputs into would I need a AVR and a Sonos box plugged into it?

Chromecast you can plug in to your system - personally I use and prefer ATV.

What's ATV? :confused:

Kids - no chance will they ever listen to your music

Haha very true. More likely I start listening to their music. Love those frozen songs :laugh:

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AVR - most modern units will allow you to stream music via onboard Apps and or a network share via a wired or wireless network connection plus Bluetooth and Airplay from music stored or streamed on a mobile phone, you will also be able to control the AVR from an iOS or Android App.

Confirm the individual features of any AVR you are considering via the manufacturers website - you can usually download the User Manual.

HEOS or MusicCast - allow you to create a network of HEOS or MusicCast enabled zone players including one or more HEOS or MusicCast enabled AVR.

SONOS - have various options to suit differing setups, where you have an AVR in one zone you would add a PORT to allow you to stream music and join in with the rest of your SONOS zones.

Plenty of folk have a mix of SONOS multi zone music plus a different brand AVR in the Movie room - though MusicCast and HEOS have gotten a lot better in recent years so are a viable 'all zone' option.

ATV - Apple TV.


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