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av receiver help !


after selling my sony black str de585

im looking to get a new av receiver but it needs to be silver.

what would you recommend.........



Distinguished Member
bit more info would be useful, as in......

what speakers is it going to drive?

how big a room?

most likely to be used for CD or TV or Movies (percentages will help)

what DVD player is it being fed from?

budget limit?

Without knowing the above, you should be able to find the Denon 3805 for good prices soon as the 3806 is coming out....if you lucky u might pick an ex-demo up dirt cheap for around £400, or brand new for £600, but this wont be for a month or two yet prolly....




Distinguished Member
Richer Sounds are good for budget equipment, but you cant demo in their shops now (at least i think its all now, possible a couple shops still let you)

Sevenoaks sell just above budget up to fairly high end equipment, they have demo rooms, staff vary from being a bit snobbish to being very friendly and helpful.....avoid the younger members of staff is my advice, they tend to want to sell you something rather than sell you what you want.....

audio-t i've never been in, but have heard some good stuff about them.....

you say no budget limit, but what roughly are you talking about? a few hundred for the receiver amp? a thousand? a few thousand? and likewise for the speakers?

all in for a grand, then go Richer sounds for a Yamaha receiver and either Pioneer or Panasonic DVD player, then go Sevenoaks for a Monitor Audio Bronze 5.1 speaker package......should just about work out at a grand anyway, but you can try other speakers.....

for a couple of grand all in, go to a shop you can demo in like Sevenoaks (or a local hifi dealer) and try various things, personally i can recommend Denon for electronics and Monitor Audio for speakers, however there are a few other makes worth considering....tell them in the shop the kind of stuff you listen to, etc and they can make some recommendations.....oh at this price its also worth haggling either for a small discount for buying a while setup, or if they could chuck on a few cables for free.

then lastly you the 6-10k systems........you definitely wanna be demoing these, Denon, Arcam, Yamaha, Pioneer, are the main names in one box surround amps, but there are other processor/power amp combo makes to consider, speaker wise you got B&W, Monitor Audio, KEF to name but a few.....

.......just remember, if u can, demo it......then you know you like it....altho remember the sound may change a bit once u get it in your home as your home wont be set up like a demo room....


well i dont want to spend thousands as i have
loads of other things to think about too...
new tv , car , holiday etc.

also i dont really want a amp thats large in height too.

i was looking at these



and speakers



i know my local richersounds.. doesnt have a demo room.
but they did say you have 14 days to demo it urself at home,
and if you dont like it/ or doesnt sound or look right you can take it
back for a full refund or exchange/ upgrade to something else.

i think that is very fair...


Established Member
I recently bought the Sony STR-DB900.
Very minimalist look, slimline box, silver finish,
100 x 6 and full decoding.
And most importantly - fantastic thunderous sound!
Can easily be bought for under £400 now.
Well worth a look.


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just thought i better say, you might wanna check on that refund/swap policy, from what i remember they dont give a refund if you not satisfied, only offer to swap it for another model..........only time they give refund is if it doesnt work (ie it was faulty out of the box).

as for what you have chosen, i dont know these personally so wont say anything....


Distinguished Member
So your budget is arround about the £400 mark for speakers and amp? Are there any specific featuresa your after as many amps have al sorts of gizmos, like auto setup video conversion multi room ....


kbj242 said:
I recently bought the Sony STR-DB900.
Very minimalist look, slimline box, silver finish,
100 x 6 and full decoding.
And most importantly - fantastic thunderous sound!
Can easily be bought for under £400 now.
Well worth a look.

thxs i will check that out tonight with a google search..

Knyght_byte said:
just thought i better say, you might wanna check on that refund/swap policy

i will do that before i pay for anything there. thxs for the heads up on that..

gazbarber said:
So your budget is arround about the £400 mark for speakers and amp? Are there any specific features your after

well the amp and speakers i thought i will give a try are £500. but i can go way higher if needed...
as to features i think the normal stuff ,6.1 ,dts,dd , optical in etc
mainly all i connect is TV via rca plugs, dvd via optical... pc via rca plugs..
that is really it..

i went in there today to see the amp..
though on the website it shows as £249.99
in store its £299.99


but they only had 1 and that was on display.... very scratched up so i said no thxs to the offer of having it for even cheaper, they getting me a new 1 in. il pick it up this week... and give it a try.

speakers... i thought il try these..
TSP £479.95
now £199.95


so about £500 for amp and speakers..

or should i be thinking really on getting one with THX ? or HDMI ?
and d.a.b radio ?

now would be the right time to get the right one..


Distinguished Member
The tannoys will be a decent starter pack, HDMI would only be useful if you have more than one sources with it and your display supported it, thus reducing clutter as you only need one cable going to the display.

THX many people will tell you is a badge, you may notice a difference in sound most people just play with strait DD or DTS though, a DAB radio may be good if you listen to the radio alot but there arn't many recievers with them in, usualy just FM.

All the new models from pretty much every manufacturer are out this month so if you keep an eye out there may be some bargins from this years models available soon.


i noticed the Tannoy speaker had the + and - connections on the back of the speaker. in stead of having a length of cable coming from it .

far better as the cable normally supplied with speakers are never long enough.
also i found the speaker fairly heavy for such a small speaker.
sign of good quality i guess ?

so i will need some good speaker cable...

from 69p to 4.99 per meter.


wot would u recommend ?

or 3 different sizes from my local shop
13/42/79 Strand cable.... basic stuff i think...


as to THX i found this....

Thx = A specification requirement from Lucus Studios of Star Wars fame

so as u said THX many people will tell you is a badge....

as to HDMI the tv i mostly proberly will be getting is.

samsung LE40R51B that is hd ready. and has hdmi connection.

i guess mostly...

dvd's 50%
TV 35%
music from pc 10%
radio 5%

so maybe a waste buying a av receiver with dab radio..


Distinguished Member
There are very few amps with HDMI at the mo and they are usualy at the £700+ mark.
Something like the yamaha 657 or 757 would do you well, also the sony 795 if you can get hold of one as they were sub £200 but very good.

You could look at the marantz 5500, but probably expensive for what it offers, also the denon 1906 will fit the bill. non of those mentioned have HDMI though but the denon and the yamahas have automatic setup, some people poo poo them but for first time user i'd say its almost essential.


ok thxs

i think il give the Pioneer VSXC502
and Tannoy FX5.1 Silver (5.1 Speaker Package)

a try and see what they are like.

and see wot the furture brings in time.

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