AV receiver headphone out strange behaviour


Hi, I have an old (year 2002 or so) Yamaha AV receiver, I use it mostly as an headphone amplifier, but it started malfunctioning.
When I power it on, the right channel of the headphones is very low volume and it makes scratching sounds.

If I raise the volume a bit with some audio playing, it starts functioning normally, and the problem is gone even if I lower the volume to a barely audible level, even if I power on and off, the problem is gone.

It starts doing it again the next day.

I could just buy a new one but I really like how it sounds.

Might it be some faulty capacitor or dust somewhere?


I tried my Sennheiser hd598, Beyerdynamic 770 and 990, they all have the same problem on this receiver, but work fine when connected to my other amps.




I tried today with isopropylic alcohol on an Q-tip inside the headphone socket, I also opened the unit and sprayed the dust away with compressed air, no luck.

It only happens when using the headphone out, the speakers work fine.

Living near the sea, I think it's an oxydation problem somewhere in the headphone out section.
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