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AV Receiver & DVD Combo's??? Sony, Denon, Yamaha

Discussion in 'AV Receivers & Amplifiers' started by Ritz928, Nov 30, 2006.

  1. Ritz928


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    Hi guys,

    Just to start off with I've just purchased a set of Aelite Acoustic Energy speakers at a lovely ½ price, which was on offer at the “What hifi show” (the offer is still on if someone is keen). I wanted to get the MA´s but could not afford. Now I'm looking to get an AV receiver and DVD player.

    My options (at the moment) are follows:

    1. Sony STR1200ES or 3200ES + Denon 1930 DVD
    2. Yamaha RXV1700 + Denon 1930 or 2930 DVD

    Firstly I am looking for a combo which will operate as an AV home cinema setup plus play nice music with a bit of punch! I know the Sony gets rave reviews but so does the Yamaha and yes there is a huge difference in price, but is there as big a difference in quality sound???? That's really the BIG the question! The chances are if I go for the Sony I'll go for the 3200 as it has way more to offer. The two Denon units I'm really not sure about?

    I'm really keen to hear what you guys think!!!

    Carl. :suicide:

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