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Andy Seeker

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Dear Forum,
I need some help to understand which AV Receiver can I buy.
My current configuration is:
Beolab Transmitter 1
Beolab 18
Beolab 19 Sub
Sony Bravia XF90
Beosound 3200 (CD/HDD player)

going to buy:
Beolab 17
voice central speaker

All Bang Olufsen

I want to create a 5.1 system with an AV Receiver that can select speakers based on the music source.
So basically when I watch TV I want all speakers on, when I listen to the music, only BL18.
I know Bang & Olufsen has the speaker group functionality embedded in the TV but I am afraid I cannot buy their TV.
Is there any AV Receiver on the market that allows me to switch on a music source and automatically turn the pre-selected speakers on?

Thanks in advance,


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All and any AV receiver would allow you to select a source and have the receiver engage a pre determind mode for use in conjunction with that source. An AV receiver would allow you to have different independent modes for each source.

I'd suggest an upmixing mode be used for the TV source so that audio without channels for all the speakers would be upmixed to utilise all the speakers.

Andy Seeker

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thanks for the reply. So any AV receiver can group speakers based on different sources?
CD only BL18? Technically when I play a CD without touching anything else music should play throu BL18 only? When I turn the TV on, all speakers will turn on? This sounds amazing, on the store they told me that it was not possible.
How this functionality is called to see in the specs of each AV receiver model if it is included?
Is Sony at the same level of Yamaha, Onkio or Marantz? Any suggestion to buy a Receiver with the following specs: 4K, dolby Atmos and WISA?



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You'd just set the CD source as stereo and only the front 2 stereo speakers (and a sub if present and depending upn the bass management) would be engaged.

Its has no generic name and is just something AV receivers have always been equipped to do irrespective of their make or brand. They all retain the last used mode for each source independantly so the source associated with your TV would always retain a mode such as Dolby Pro Logic II and apply tis to any audio with fewer than 5.1 channels access via the input associated with the TV source. There are other modes such as DTS Neo, Dolby Surround, Neural:X etc that can be used to do this. Likewise, if you set a source to STEREO then whatever the audio accessed via that source will be portrayed in stereo.


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Note that if wanting Dolby Atmos then you'd need a 7 channel receiver and you'll need the minimum of a 5.1.2 speaker configuration. You cannot access or portrat Atmos via just a 5.1 setup.

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