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I’m looking for help with an AV Receiver without paying £1000’s.

The installation is for a garden room which is currently under construction so I can run any necessary cables.

It will have two TV’s, 4 in-ceiling speakers, and maybe two speakers on the outside. I won’t be watching movies, so the 4 in-ceiling speakers will just be in stereo for music. If I use the outside speakers then they would need to be on a separate zone so that I can control them independently. I would like the option of playing music from either an iPad which will remain in the garden room or an amazon Alexa device. I use Apple Music for my music source. I would then like video inputs but it won’t be too many (Sky, Playstation, FireStick etc). Ideally I would like to have both TV’s playing separate content, for example, Sky on 1 TV and PlayStation on another.

Would a Denon AVR-X2700H be able to fulfil my requirements?

Some considerations I have been thinking about it my requirement are a bit demanding include:

  • Single HDMI out and then using a splitter (Then can only duplicate TV displays unless I use built in streaming services).
  • Aux out from an Amazon device in to aux in on receiver.
  • Separate amplifier to drive outdoor speakers
Appreciate any help with identifying a suitable AV Receiver.


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Another option would be the Marantz Nr1200: (RRP: £499)

- has all you need and will be more musical than the Denon 2700 imo. You'd need a seperate power amp for the zone 2 (outside speakers) and a power amp such as this Tibo PA150 (RRP: £249)

Connected to zone 2 of the Marantz like this:

These do cost more than the 2700 - which you can connect zone 2 speakers to directly as follows:

and the Denon does offer some future proofing in as much you could upgrade to a 5.1 system later etc without replacing the amp.

But the Marantz is a dedicated stereo amp, so will sound better for stereo setups (you can connect the 4 internal speakers to both sets of binding posts) with the Marantz like this:

So if you know you're only ever going to be running 4 speakers, I'd go the Maranzt/power amp route over the Denon.

It's also worth noting both the Marantz & Denon have dedicated dual subwoofer outs, so you can easily add sub(s) if desired - which will be EQ'd using Audessey in both options.


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