AV receiver and speaker set up for Sony KDL46NX71


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I am due to take delivery of a Sony KDL46NX71 led 3d TV along with 3d blu ray player

very exited as you can imagine!

However i need the surround sound set up to go with it

I dont really want spend more than £500
I was thinking about the Sony STR-DH810 AV amp as this is 3d ready?
I will be connecting a PS3 ,Sky hd and the 3d blu ray player

The speaker side of it is very difficult because they need to be small and wall mountable next to the tv
I am also concerned about speaker impedences?
please help!

Its a mine field out there!


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There is no need to get a Sony reciever just because you have a Sony TV but yes the 810 is 3d ready.
As for speakers you should look at the Tannoy SFX or Boston Soundwaves.
You could also look at the Onkyo 6305 as well.
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