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Hi guys,

I'm thinking of upgrading my AV Receiver (currently using an old Yamaha rx-v2600) in preparation for a PS5 purchase later in the year so i'll need it to be 4K and capable of HDMI 2.1. I'm planning to keep my existing speakers (Linn Kabers) so I'll need as much power as I can afford and I have quite a few devices to connect up so a lot of HDMI in would be good.

My friend has one of these Yamaha RXV6A (Black) which seems to tick all the boxes but is right at the top of my budget.

I guess what I'm asking is, do you guys think the Yamaha is a good way to go? Any other suggestions on receivers I should look at? Anything obvious I've missed?

I'm happy to purchase second hand to get more bang for my book.

Thanks in advance for any help.


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The V6A would be considered a lesser model than your current V2600. Yamaha don't as yet really have a HDMI version 2.1 model that would equate to what you have now and will not do so up until the end of this year. The closest you'd currently get right now is the RXA2A. I'd suggest you'd still not be attaining a similar level of AV receiver even if looking at the A2 though.

Maybe look at a used RXA1080 if you can find one or even an RXA2080? You'd accomodate the PS5 by simply connecting it directly to the display via HDMI and then using eARC to pass the audio through and out to the AV receiver. The AV receiver simply needs to be eARC compliant and you do not have to pass the video through the AVR.
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Thanks dante01, I hadn't considered using eARC, I'll take a look at the models you've suggested.

I picked up the V2600 for a bargain on the classifieds here, I wouldn't have been able to afford one otherwise, so I appreciate I'll probably have to take a step down in quality when I replace it :(


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Hi all, there's a Denon X5200 for sale in the classifieds that I think meets my requirements but I'd just like to check. Does that AVR have eARC?

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