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Hi all -

I've been doing as much reading and learning as I can on AV receivers so I can make sure I am getting the best one for my needs, but I'll need to be honest: I am confused! I purchased the Yamaha TSR-700 (RX-V6A) from Costco initially, but after reading up on it's issues haven't opened it yet. Now I am wondering if I made the right call - but more importantly if I really need the latest features. A little about my set up:
  • TV: Sony x900h,
  • Speakers: 2.1 speakers (Q Acoustics 3020i) - plan to get a subwoofer and maybe a central channel if needed to turn this into a 3.1
  • Space: Needed for living room that is 15x18. I am in a NYC apartment so it's a little different than if I was in house. Intending to be in here for a few more years and don't plan to change my set up as it'll probably be overkill.
  • Other: Nintendo Switch, plan on getting a PS5
My main use for the set up is for TV shows, movies, some music and gaming (not hardcore just casual gaming). Of course casting and wireless options would be great. With my inexperience, I am looking for a good value receiver that'll get me good use out of what I need, but without breaking the bank. I see that the x3600h seems to be a popular one, but I don't describe myself as hardcore and have an apartment sized living room. Perfectly fine keeping the TSR-700 if it's sufficient, but wanted to get your thoughts first.

Ultimately, I don't know if it's worth spending the extra $$$ now and maybe do an upgrade in a few years when I have more experience and bigger place (e.g., a house). I'm actually open to dropping the $$$ if it's worth it (budget is <$1000 ideally but value to need is my goal). Thanks in advance for advice!


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The Denon x2700h would probably suit your needs and is relatively future proof with hdmi 2.1 and could let you expand up to atmos 5.1.2 if you wanted to. It will also do 4K/120hz for gaming on the PS5 as this isn’t affected by the hdmi 2.1 issues affecting 2020 receivers.

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