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Hi, i have bought a Marantz pm-6003 integrated amp to improve music quality (which does), i have connected my Yamaha AX1 amp to the Marantz 6003 using pre out phonos from AX1 to aux in on pm-6003, it all works perfectly as i just use marantz 2 channel for turntable, cd and dab tuner with the volume dial at quarter turn but have to turn the marantz dial to quarter past when i use both amps for 5.1 blu ray, it seems unusual that the marantz has so much volume power but not when i use the pre out method. has anyone got a similar set up ??? thanks.......


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The preouts on the yam would give full output if yam turned to max. If this were going into marantz that would then operate from zero to max. So if yam not at max it is esentially turned down before you start.

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What you are experiencing is normal when using av preouts to aux method to any integrated amplifier. I cannot exactly remember the reason why this is other than the output from the av preouts is lower the marantz when both amps volume knobs are at the same level. Hence why you have to volume match the amps and once found, control volume to all speakers from the av.

Hopefully somebody else can give the proper explantion

If the 6003 had HT Bypass or as Marantz calls it 'Power Amp Direct' Mode, like its bigger brothers, PM7004 and onwards, this would not be an issue as once activated, the int amp will just be a power amp and its pre amp stage (input selector, volume, etc) will be disabled. The AV will become the pre amp.

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You are using two preamps... When to 1st is at less than full vol, you need to turn up the 2nd. This leads to distortion that can harm your speakers.
Use a "record/tape" out to keep this from happening. It will bypass the 1st preamp...


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For anyone who's not sure how to connect a stereo amp to an AVR, watch this very easy to understand video tutorial below by What Hifi.
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my set up...using a audio analogue primo with a yamaha receiver....i have to set the audio analogues amps volume to the 12 o'clock poistion...then its left alone and the volume is controlled with the yamaha

...with straight stereo playback...using gera plugged directly into the primo...the volume is controlled normally by the primo

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