AV Podcast #18, October 18th 2006

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In this episode:

AV News ( 1.06 – 6.26 )
Jason Bradbury brings you the latest AV News including;
Panasonic launch the first Blu-ray player and US manufacturer Planar launch two DLP projectors; plus HD cabling from Armour and CinemaTeq; and new Walkmans from Sony.

DVD News ( 6.26 – 11.40 )
From AVPlay.com Phil Hinton and Seth Gecko discuss the latest DVD & HD disc news.

Competitions ( 11.40 – 14.50 )
Phil and Seth set the questions for this weeks competitions which give you the change to win;
Family Guy Season 5 on Region 2 DVD.
Family Guy the Game on PS2.
Tom Baker's Interactive quiz DVD and two tickets to the Birmingham Memorabilia show in November
And 5 copies of Dark Places on Region 2 DVD.

DVD Reviews ( 14.50 – 22.35 )
This week Chris McEneany reviews The Hollywood Legends of Horror boxset and The Batman Animated Series Season two on Region 1 DVD; and Seth Gecko, Chris and Simon Crust discuss Batman Begins on HD DVD.

Games News and Reviews ( 22.35 – 30.00)
Ian Collen and Seth Gecko bring us the latest Games news and review The Godfather on Xbox 360 and Mercury Meltdown on the PSP.

Jason Bradbury Behind the Scenes of the Gadget Show ( 30.00 – 33.21)

Steve May on A Week in AV ( 33.21 – 40.30 )
Home Cinema Choice editor Steve May discusses his AV week, including the death of his Tivo and two new Blu-ray players in the HCC office.

Pioneer Interview Part Two ( 40.30 – 65.50)
The second part of our interview with Pioneer product manager Jim Catchside, discussing problems with Sky HD and Pioneer plasmas, DVD, AV Amps and more!

Contact Information and round up of the competition details. (65.50 – 67.31 )
This week's useful links for things discussed in the Podcast.

DVD Review discs supplied by www.dvdworldusa.com

Games supplied by www.shopto.net
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Another great podcast but I do have a few comments.
Firstly I watch the gadget show and I live the teasers that Jason gives and I understand why he cant talk about something that hasnt aired yet but it would be good if he could go into a bit more depth on some of the topics he covers on the gadget show as I feel on the TV show his opinions and views are condenssed obviously to make a more fast flowing viewer friendly TV program. For example he mentioned that comming up on the gadget show he will be building a PC. On the show it will not go into the details of building the PC but this is something he could cover in next weeks podcast.

DVD news: Very good, but they could talk a bit mroe about the picture quality, sound quality and what they think of the extras. They used to do this on previous weeks, it seems the reviews have been dumbed down a bit.
HD-DVD reviews: Again they used to be a indepth talk about the picture quality etc etc. This week they just said batman looks amazing. I needed a bit more detail.

Gaming news: Sorry to say this is the weak link. I am a huge gaming fan but this doesnt do gamers any favour. Seth Gecko comes over OK but the other guy (cant remember his name, sorry!) comes over as a 30 year old man who talks about games like a 19 year old. They need to flesh the reviews out, talk about the graphics, sound, lastability, the control method. I understand they have limited time but the godfather review was a waste of time, didnt tell me anything of use.

Interview of the week: Absolutely brillaint, best part of the podcast. Again they ask some nice broad questions about interesting topics, and some very specific techie questions which is appreciated. I love this feature and its the best part of the podcast.

Overall a great podcast, just sort the gaming news out.

Seth Gecko

retired member
Fair comments PioRow.

In our defense, we had a major (and I mean major) time issue on the DVD News and Reviews this week. They were recorded late Tuesday night just before the edit, so we hardly had any time. I'm not making excuses - I'm just apologising and explaining why.

Having said that, hopefully the full written review of Batman Begins HD-DVD should help a little (which I did write also).

The gaming reviews - we'd love to flesh it out more, we really would. You are absolutely right when you say it's time restraints. We have some members asking for a shorter podcast and others want longer. The balancing act is very very hard indeed and we are still finding our feel a little. Still, I'll take that on the nose and see if we can try and address that.

The interviews are great - and thank you for saying that. Keep in mind the Pioneer one was split into 2 parts and I think in total would weigh in at around 50 minutes or so. Again, it's trying to keep a balance where everyone is happy and we apparently haven't done that yet. We will get there I'm sure (or die trying), but again time (both in length and in actually producing this) isn't on our side at all.

Thank you and we'll try and improve the games (I'll try and be better than OK :) )


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Don't try to make everyone happy! It just isn't possible. For instance if some people want long podcasts and some want short you just can't please both at the same time.

They are pretty excellent so far though. Personally I prefer more depth - there are already plenty of other places where I can find out that a film "is exciting" or a game "looks gorgeous" but the reviews in your podcasts go beyond that.


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Haven't listened to this one yet, but did download the previous 5 to my SPV C500 Smartphone to listen to whilst on the beach on holiday.

Have to say that the 1 hr ones are a pain as the Windows Media Player on smartphone has no fast forward, so have to listen to each of these in 1 go.

Apart from that, well informative, keep up the good work, and its free!


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Never been a gaming fan in any way so I just fast forward that section. DVD reviews OK but the rehearsed gags and cliche's are a bit cringe making. The manufacturer interviews in the last few Podcasts, one word SUPERB with special mention to the Pioneer one spread across the last two. Came across as honest, sincere, knowledgeable and most of all caring at what the customer means to the company.
More please !! :smashin:

Phil Hinton

Staff member
DVD reviews OK but the rehearsed gags and cliche's are a bit cringe making.

Erm, the competition bit that I think you are refering to is cheesy and is meant to be cheesy in an, it's so cheesy type of way :clap:

Glad you enjoyed!


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Great interview from the Pioneer bloke.


Standard Member
Hi, Im having real problems playing your recent podcasts on my iPod. I have a 60Gb colour, not sure which version. running 1.2.1 firmware which I believe is the latest.

The cast plays fine on my PC in iTunes 7, and transfers over the iPod OK. It even displays the AV Forum graphic title as it starts to play, but then stops right away and returns back to the podcast listing.

I have done a factory reset and uploaded the firmware again on the iPod and transfered over everything again but it still does the same thing.

I was wondering if anyone else have had problems playing these, its happened now on the past 2 or 3.



Standard Member
Im having real problems playing your recent podcasts on my iPod.

I've had the same problem. My first download was #17, but the M4B file for this and subsequent podcasts have not played at all on either my 5G 60Gb or Shuffle ipods. The files play fine in iTunes on my XP PC. The MP3 files work OK on both iPods but I would prefer to have the option of the bookmark feature that's available on the M4B files so that I can navigate to the part of the podcast I want to listen to.


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