AV Podcast #17, October 11th 2006

Stuart Wright

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In Episode 17:

AV News (1:17-5:31)
Details of 4 new receivers from Denon; a new HD Ready home cinema projector from Epson, and a new speaker system with wireless surrounds from KEF.

DVD / HD DVD / Blu-ray News (5:31-11:58)
From AVPlay.com Phil Hinton and Seth Gecko bring you this weeks DVD, HD DVD and Blu-ray news.

Fifth Element Blu-ray review (11:58-14:51)
A Nightmare On Elmstreet region 1 DVD Review (14:51:17:24)

Gaming News (17:24-27:00)
Ian Collen and Seth Gecko bring us the latest games news

Open Season for the Xbox 360 and Kingdom Hearts for the PS2 Review (27:00-31:03)

Steve May (31:03-33:57)
Steve tells us what he saw on his visit to CTech in Japan.

Jason Bradbury (33:57-38:01)
Jason tells us his gadget experiences this week.

Gadgets of the Week (38:01-47:04)
We take a look at the Sony Ericsson W850i mobile phone and a Blu-ray recording Sony Vaio Laptop.

Pioneer Interview (47:04-68:39)
Phil talks with Product Manager Jim Catchside.

Ends (1:10:01).

67.6Mb, 1 hour, 10 minutes and 1 second. Direct Link
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I was very interested when Jason B said he was given the chance to play on one of the new consoles and he said it will revolutionise the way we play games. But why be so secretive? I'm assuming its either Wii or PS3, but maybe its some other console/gadget that we havent heard of, wouldnt be surprised if it was. I cant see Jason getting that excited about the PS3 even if it was played on a 50" 1080p lcd. SUppose I'll just have to watch thye gadget show.


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Great podcast.

Nice to hear from Steve May, and the games review section improved greatly from episode #16. It was a much more natural conversation :thumbsup:

Although I must admit Seth, I almost stopped listening when you said GRAW was 'rubbish'! :devil:

Max Payne

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Good podcast - kept me interested on the way home in the car. Did really want to know what machine Jason was going on about. As I don't have Channel 5, I presume I will just have to wait.

Thanks for providing some great info.

Seth Gecko

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Although I must admit Seth, I almost stopped listening when you said GRAW was 'rubbish'! :devil:
LOL - that's the thing with games and movies - it's all subjective. I'm pretty open minded about both, but GRAW just bored me rigid.

Again thanks for the feedback from yourself and Mr. Payne :)


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I'm getting into this new format. I particulary like the interaction between the presenters rather than people doing their own slot on their own.

I compare it to radio shows - i have always enjoyed ones where there is a team of people (or at least a main guy and a side kick) around the mike bouncing comments off each other (such as Jonathan Ross + Andy, Steve Wright's posse, Christian O'Connell and Chris Smith). This to me is much better than just one presenter on a mike speaking into the ether, even if he/she is good. I think you just feel more involved and entertained.

It's a step up in an already good concept - keep up the good work !! :hiya:


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I too enjoyed Podcast number 17 especially the review of Fifth Element - I have the Region 1 Superbit DVD which is excellent. I do have a couple of niggles with the podcast which I must share.

1) The podcasts are getting longer and longer - over 1 hour! This is not necessarily a bad thing but should be considered especially when the original premise was a 20 - 40 minute recording. Also, this can have adverse effects on certain media players especially when trying to fast forward or rewind.

2) You're starting to review laptops and mobile phones... does this really fall into AV Forum material or generic gadget gear? Bare in mind other podcasts and forums which deal with this.

3) I'm being pedantic here but I'm sure the picture you had for the review of the Sony Ericsson W850i was actually the W950i.

4) The review of the Infinifilm version of Nightmare On Elm Street raved about the DTS 6.1 ES soundtrack being so good. I've read a number of on-line reviews which are more lukewarm about it. I understand that opinions differ but is it really as good as you say?

On a plus side I love the 'round table' discussions about a variety of film and AV topics. Please can I suggest a discussion on sound format differences and choices. In particular do you use many of DSP style settings that AV amps have (particularly Yamaha) and if so, when. Also, do you use some of the 6.1 matrix decoding formats (EX / PLxII / Neo) even when watching a non-6.1 soundtrack. It would be interested to hear how you guys have set up and use your systems.

Many thanks

Seth Gecko

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OOOOh points :)

OK let's see if I can answer them.

1. As I mentioned earlier, it's really hard to strike a balance. A lot of editing goes into each section and it can be hard to know what people want. Shorter or longer - up until now, the response was as long as it was interesting make it long. The interviews with the manufacturers such as Pioneer have been split into 2 parts because there's so much information. Do we want to cut lots down or do people want to REALLY hear what they have to say? I would guess people would choose the later and if the interview is 30 minutes or an hour, that's more than you normally hear from them.

2. The forums has all kinds of areas, from Sky to Phones and we're trying to cover all kinds of things that interest the people here. It's not ALL about Home Cinema for example - a lot of people want to know about mobiles, cameras and so forth. IF we can bring it to you, why not? It's of interest to the people here as we wouldn't have certain subforums dedicated to some of these topics. We're never going to please all the people all the time, but we can ensure it's diverse enough to have something of interest to a lot of the members here.

3. I honestly don't know - I'd need to check

4. With Elm Street, as with all movies, it's subjective. The DTS-ES track is far superior to the Dolby Digital mix I have in my original boxset. I openly stated that I thought that most of the mixes from mono/stereo to 5 or 6.1 are gimmicky at best in the podcast but this I felt wasn't one of them. It's not going to compete with War of the Worlds, which was recorded in a native surround format, but if I had to choose a preference, then the DTS-ES is the one for me. It's the first time in a while that Elm Street has made me jump again - so it's doing something right!

We have a few roundtable discussions coming from the review team in the next few weeks, but I do like your suggestion, so we'll see what we can come up with. Hope that answers your queries and thanks for the feedback.


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HI there

A little behind in my podcast listerning, but I really enjoyed the banter in this one especially in the game section, which I found quite funny.

Keep it up:thumbsup: :thumbsup:

Cheers Holo:smashin: :smashin:

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