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I'm finishing my basement and I am trying to be smart about how much I spend. Everyone is talking about this "Control 4." Is it worth it? Are there less expensive ways to have the same result? I already have a Sonos, so I would be adding a play bar and a Play 5 in the space. Maybe 2 Play 5s depending on the layout. I do not want to do surround sound, because it will be more of an entertainment area. Here is what I do not want... I do not want junky cable boxes on the walls. I want them in an AV closet and controlled by a Universal Remote. From what I understand Control 4 is my only option, but it just can't be. Any suggestions?

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'From what I understand Control 4 is my only option' - I would ignore whoever gave you that advice, I doubt Control4 would put that argument forward either.

AMX, C4, Crestron etc do now venture down into the 'single room' solutions - though usually on higher budget systems and you mostly still require someone else to configure, programme and install the system.

Logitech Harmony are the 'go to' Programmable Remote for the DIY'er - they have IR and RF options available, RF allows you to pass the signal through walls to your centralised kit.

You also have the option to go with a Networked solution where you use your Phone or Tablet to control devices via Apps - either multiple Apps as supplied by the kit manufacturers or you use Roomie or similar to bring all devices together on one screen.

There is a dedicated Remotes and Control Forum here on AVF - time to grab a coffee - Home Cinema Control & Remote Controls

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