AV out of sync (audio lagging). Post your results please.


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I've had my OLED 55 BX for a few weeks, and am very happy with the picture quality, but I just can't get the AV sync set correctly. I am thinking of returning it if I can't fix the delay.

There is about a 42ms delay (the audio is lagging) according to my tests. This delay is seen when using the internal speakers as well as using my Pioneer VSX 933 Receiver using ARC. It is apparent with Netflix, Youtube, Plex and other apps. Also using external players connected to the TV via HDMI.

There is no way to compensate for this delay as LG only allows to further delay the audio and not speed it up (or delay the video as you will).

I've tested the delay using the sync tests Photojoseph has kindly provided via youtube as well as his direct downloads. I used youtube, but also Plex with the downloadable tests. Youtube and Plex have the same delay.

Can you try this test and see whether you also have this delay? If possible, test with both internal speakers (most important), but also using your receiver if you have one.

Can you please post the result in this format:

Model: OLED55BX6LB
Internal speakers: +1 frame (42ms)
Receiver: +1 frame (42ms)

Thank you very much!


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I believe I have a similar issue to you. I currently have all my AV gear (apple TV 1080, PS4, Switch) hooked up to my Pioneer Elite VSX-42 receiver. Everything is perfectly in sync. I tried hooking my Apple TV up to my C8 via ARC to my VSX-42. I noticed there is now an audio delay and like you the compensation for the delay on the tv only furthers the audio delay. Would love to know if there's a way to solve this since I've pre-ordered the new 4K Apple TV and would love to have it hooked up via ARC to take advantage of the 4K.

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