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Hi im looking for a camcorder that can record images from am external camera, like a baby spy cam. Why?
well I want to connect the external camera to my motorbike and have the image recordered on a small camcorder.

If you can also advise me on spy cam that are small, durable, take british weather and vibration i would be most great full.

I have heard that is a non cable method of also transfering the spy cam images to a recording device but i cant find any info on that.




Hi there,
I've used two types of external bullet/lipstick cams, firstly a c mount cctv type cam from maplin.co.uk (code : SH74R) at about £80. It has a bnc video out, 12 volt in (feed from the bike) and mirror switch and is about the same size a packet of cigarettes. Remember to also get a c-mount lens for it too though.
The second is a high end cam from sony (cvx-v1p) although these run at about £500+.
We then attached these to a sony mini dv video walkman in a backpack.
Expect to pay a little extra for a camcorder with A/V in/out, UK tax on these is more because the camcorder is deemed as a vtr as well. I'd scan through all the relavent posts on this forum for something appropriate.
BTW, we used all sorts of clamps to attach the bullet cams to bikes but in the end used a litttle clamp from jessops or good oldfashioned gaffer tape. You can't beat it!
If you are planning on getting audio too, make sure you have a 'rodent' (acoustic muffler) over the mic or all you'll get is wind noise. We usually put a mic behind the screen or a lavalier mic in the riders helmet for on board comments.


Welcome to the forum santoshj

As Mylesr has said, its not a cam with just DV in that you need but one that also has AV in. A cam with DV in may well not have AV in, so check carefully before you buy.

As to which cam to suggest, well that really depends on your budget.



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Sorry misread the post a bit i think!

My mate has just bought the Cannon mv700i on the internet for £318 and it has av in and another £135 for the helmet cam package.
I mounted mine with a little clamp designed to hold a bicycle reflector.Bought from halfords for £2


Thanks for the response about the camera helmet mount.

Please let me know how you get on with yours. I will look to get one in the next 2 months.

that web site is ace. If u buy superbike mag the is a special actually on theweb site about a british firm that does the same similar system....but more expensive.

I have an R1 and am keen to get this sorted quickly. I will be grateful for any fulrther info/top tips on the system....

is it easy to set up?

regards a fellow biker


happy safe riding :thumbsup:


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Its an absolute doddle mate.You get absolutely everything that you need.
We have been using it with the camcorder in the rucksack which is a bit of a pain when gettin on and off the bike,but a tank bag would be ideal or if you can get the cam under the back seat even better.

I have sold this one to my mate as i think i will go for the 25mm lens one next.

I couldn't really fault it except not great in low light conditions but there is a better helmet cam listed.

Go for the dearest one you can afford,for the sake of an extra £20 or so!

You will not be dissapointed i promise.

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