AV Forums Podcast #13, September 1st 2006

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In this episode as well as the usual home cinema, DVD and gaming news, we review Sentinal on DVD and Aeon Flux on HD-DVD; and in part two of our series of features about piracy, we ask FACT what they are doing to tackle the problem and hear some startling statistics about ebay pirates.

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(Note, I'm not talking about the latter half of the interview where they're talking about mass-scale piracy)

Outstanding. FACT proving once again that they consider the consumer to be the enemy and have really very little clue about the technology or the law. Quote (podcast @ 31mins):

"As an Intellectual Property owner, you want to protect your property in the best possible way, and if that means tougher copy protection then you have every right to install that and to use it".

Right. Just like Sony with their rootkit on audio CDs. Or Starforce damaging legitimate, legal customer's PCs. That's acceptable, is it?

Podcast at 33mins

"You shouldn't really make a backup copy [ ... ] In principle we wouldn't condone that [ ... ]"

Okay, except the British Phonographic Industry is now pushing for backup copies and ripping for personal use to be legalized

Yet again, as explicitly stated by that FACT guy, they don't consider individuals who bypass copy protection for personal reasons to be any different to large scale "pirates". When will these people wake up and learn that (a) copy protection mechanisms DO NOT WORK and (b) they drive many law-abiding people to break the law and bypass them because of the unfair restrictions on fair use. Consumer rights law just hasn't caught up with modern technology, which is why the consumer will continue to get screwed.

Yet again another organisation that is closely tied to Government and policing displaying an utter disdain for consumer rights. Intellectual property owners have every right to protect their property, but not by damaging or infringing the rights of the consumer. Not once during that entire interview did the FACT guy acknowledge consumers have rights and that unfair restrictions and outdated laws are causing many people to break the law.

Let's make an analogy of Starforce, Sony, Adobe and all the other systems: "Sure, you can buy our new Ford Focus, but every time you drive it it's going to take a couple of bricks out of your garage. That's fair, right? If your garage collapses, tough, oh and you're not allowed to disable the thing that takes the bricks away".



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Any chance of trying to get someone on without a vested interest in the subject of copyright to discuss it? I'm thinking an academic (like Lawrence Lessig http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lawrence_Lessig) who isn't being paid by pirates or FACT, so can speak some common sense. It is in desperate need of reform. One example of a serious flaw in copyright is the time it takes to expire, why can't I download a film like The Third Man? most if not all of those who produced it are dead.

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How come I can't download the podcast? Everytime I use the link it just opens on a blank page where nothing happens.


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Please make the MP3 downloadable for listening in MP3 players ( when walking for example ). Now it is just a few seconds long when downloaded as "Save target as..". The M4B is downloadable but this latest one I couldn't convert to MP3 with the Jhymn application (which was my emergency solution the other time this D/L error with the MP3 occured ).

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