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Discussion in 'General Chat' started by lisa burrell, Jan 4, 2007.

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    A friend of the family would like to thank AV forums. why?

    He has The VIP email from Richer sounds and was taken in by what looked like the sensational offer of the TDL speakers. I said hang on Were put that make and model number of that speaker into Google. i bought up this review from the archives which our friend is truly grateful and decided against the purchase and asks why they allowed to do this.. I said I cant answer that.

    But i hope i did the right thing and stressed these are only peoples opinions. At the end of the day. you got to go and try them yourself. you may love them we all hear differently there is one thing that facinates me in this hi fi forum. I was always told by my mum if i go out and by a skirt pair of jeans to try them on first and thats only spending Silly money 10 0r 15 quid. there are people who will pick up what hi fi see its got 5 stars and just buy it spend a fortune compared to a pair of jeans ... without hearing it. mmm

    (Dandle05-05-2005, 05:19 PM
    Don't buy them I made this mistake and then took them back they are truly awful. They are very poorly made and the reason they have the TDL name on them is because Richer bought the rights to the TDL name when they went bust, then banked on selling these poor quality speakers because of the name badge. They were only ever £200 speakers, don't believe the "your getting a bargain" hype no one else has ever sold the Studio 10s and they have only ever been £200 at Richer sounds. If you look at them have a look at the bottom where the TDL name badge is some of them aren't even straight! and the black part at the top is really cheap and tacky.

    The sound from them is very harsh and I found that there was lots of bass but it was very uncontrolled and boomy. I was running them on a Marantz SR5200 by the way so there was more than enough power for them. In the end I settled on some Mission M35's although they cost more it was well worth it. It's each to their own but I was pleased when I got my money back as it would have been a total waste of £200 if I hadn't.)

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    In Richers defence they might argue that often with them they will give your money back if not satisfied. At least that's what I've had from the Birmingham lot. I think you need to return within 7 days which should be long enough to decide if you like it or not.

    So you could still try them at home, find you don't like them and return them. If in doubt make sure you get that understanding clear before the purchase.

    Mind you you probably wouldn't want the hassle of returning it or travel expenses and yes these forums often save a lot of hassle.

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