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I am in the planning stage at the mo, and I am trying to decide how I can get all my sources into my eventuall plasma, and ideally into my PJ as well. I need to get SKY, DVD, VIDEO and xbox all connected.

I have an DD amp which i use for my sound, and so i need a way of connecting all my sources and then just having one cable to my PJ and one to the plasma (one output would be ok, i could then switch that between the 2)

I have been looking at the Quintro (as it comes as a freebie from av-sales at the mo) and I like that fact that it appears to have 5 inputs, and I can def still record onto VCR or a dvd recorder at a later stage, but it doesn't appear to have any optical for sound???

My other option at the mo is the joytech one from www.play.com. this has less inouts, doesn't aoutoswitch, you cant lock a record setup, but it does have optical.

Come on then any other recomendations????



Joe Fernand

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Hello Dave

The Quintro is a pretty decent switcher and we've used and supplied them to a fair few customers.

The Joytech is OK but not really a great match with a 2-3K Plasma Display.

If you want a very high quality switch we supply the Zektor HDS4 and HDS4.2 YUV/RGB switchers which have Co-axial and Digital audio inputs (per input).

Both switchers will mix Co-axial and Digital Audio signals to your prefer output (Co-axial or Digital) to save on the output cabling.

The HDS4 is 4 In 1 Out and the HDS4.2 is 4 In 2 Out with the second output buffered to drive long cables - typically a ceiling mounted projector.

The HDS4 has no front panel control and the HDS4.2 has input selector buttons - both units can be controlled with a programmable remoter or rather neatly can 'learn' the input commands on your AV Amps remote; so the video switches in tandem with your audio selection.

Compatibility between the Zektor switches and your source kit will be dependent on if you want to go all RGB or all YUV - if YUV you'll need to consider also adding in a JS Technology RGB2YUV converter.

See http://www.zektor.com for more info and drop me a note if you want specifics re your connectivity; we keep stock of the HDS4 and HDS4.2 in the UK.

Best regards


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