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Av connections

Discussion in 'Home Cinema Buying & Building' started by mojoman, Jan 15, 2004.

  1. mojoman


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    Can anyone help me please !!!!

    I've tried to connect my new Phillips 3700D dvd home cinema unit to my old bush tv and cable box but I'm having loads of problems.
    Basically ive got two av inputs on the back of my tele - av 1 is the scart and av 3 is 3 phono plugs. I tried to connect the dvd to the av1 and the cable to av three using a high quailty scart to 3 phono lead - I got dvd play fine and as long as i turn the dvd off i get cable on av3 fine as well. Troubles start when i try and watch cable but turn the dvd on so i can get the sound through my new speakers (i've connected the left and right from the cable box into the aux input on the dvd). As soon as I turn the dvd on the tele switches to av1 and i lose the cable picture - when i try and turn the tv back to av3 i get a black screen as though the dvd signal is stopping the cable one!! even the volume bar doesnt so if i try turn up the tv vol - if i turn the dvd player off the cable picture reappears after a second or so.

    Can anyone help ????? Thanks

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